Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Bunny, shingles, & lungs

 Since I moved in here 5 years ago, I developed (probably due to an allergy) a horrible chronic, deep, body-wracking cough. Last night I felt like my upper back was hurting...& long story short, we realized my lungs were so congested & stopped up that simply put, my lungs hurt. I have an appt next Monday with an ENT, to figure out if there is more I can do to keep this cough at bay. I was treated for pneumonia in February, & it feels the same. Stupid lungs, breathing in fresh air! ;)

My shingles are back on my thigh, & they are so tiny but managing to get a pic today to confirm was a great accomplishment. Wanna see? 


 Sweet Chai bunny honestly, it's happened & has been witnessed, will thump when I'm asleep but my lungs/breathing are raspy. She is, we are convinced, magic. She has been on high alert as my coughing that (scares mom's cat downstairs) doesn't really scare her but keeps her hopping away as her giant ears are being split with my decibel raising coughing. She also will wake herself up thumping, will continue softly thumping as she makes sure whatever she was dreaming about is gone. That bunny keeps me smiling even in the absolute worst situations. I'd be lost without her. 


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