Wednesday, July 13, 2011

An awfully good not so bad day

Here is part of my day chronicled in pics.

Riding to the dr at 7:43 AM.

Dad by my side as I was hunched over, trying not to cry-listening to Wye Oak, Sarah Jarosz, & others.

After dropping off prescriptions, I waited in the car while dad did some grocery shopping, & even surprised me with fried okra...only in the south can you procure that at 10 AM! Love fried ocra...

Entertaining myself while waiting for dad. Thank you iPod & great music!

Looking down & taking my mind to Brazil, the best vacation ever (where I got & designed this aquamarine ring).

Looking in the rearview mirror watching so I could unlock the car for dad, & my surprise okra!

Loving that having my rabbit reading pocket watch necklace, we could time & not get to the pharmacy to early. Dad said if the dr had some answers & got me on meds & it rained it would be a great day...didn't rain, but otherwise, even under the circumstances, he & I had a really good day. : )

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