Thursday, July 7, 2011

Happy Chai bunny day!

3 years ago today, I brought home Chai. She had lived her first year with a great family who realized that she wasn't getting a full life, & stuck in a small cage the mother felt is was cruel. I got so very lucky that she picked ME, out of so many others to give Chai bunny (at that time Thumper Louise) a home. I kept her names but added Chai! For a bunny who is supposed as quiet, she makes loads of adorable noises. She whines, grunts, etc & the first time she tried a banana she was so in love she ate the peel not knowing any better. She has been a huge source of pure joy in my life, was quietly with me when we said goodbye to Zoe, after 15 years of her in my heart, & she lovingly senses when I'm really sick & softly jumps on the bed & licks the sheets around me. I am so lucky to have this amazing creature in my life. Xxxxooooo Chai bunny!

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