Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Views of my visibly happy afternoon & purple house

After walking through the backyard to my parents/caregivers house to pick up meds & magnets, I walked around the yard looking for our adopted outside discovery, Pepper the turtle. I didn't find him but I did smell the gorgeous flowers left behind from the previous owners. My back was going out quickly, so I dashed (a very slow dash...) home & after resting put up my favorite Wilco poster from my brother with my super heavy magnets on my fridge.

It's right next to the soon to be record player orange corner! Very excited about that. I then put on my ultra expensive lidocaine patches-they take a bit of the edge off of pain, though they are $500 for 60 patches-& I have to get my neuro to sign off on them so insurance will pay. Ugh.

My old dorm room white board is on the fridge, where we keep notes-today was hoping our cat Macy gets better-she has badly damaged kidneys & it looks as if these are her last days, so we are really sad. Next a celebration of invisible illness week, & after last week it finally feels a bit fall-ish in the air. Ahhh yes.

I've been in my little purple house a month or so, & for the first time I lit candles. Mom is always fearful of this as sometimes my meds make me sleepy, but of course I'll be mindful. I haven't really been able to use candles since moving in with them 6+ years ago. Amazing how lighting a candle brings me independence & joy-something most people think nothing of & light candles daily-for me it's a huge deal!


The candle in the dark as seen from my bed-on the coffee table. I'm really starting to feel this little house is mine-that it is my safe place where my illnesses are ok-that is my skin is hurting I can be naked & not worry as Chai bunny doesn't mind, & being on the back of a fenced yard my windows are safe & private. Being sick sucks, but making small changes to accommodate mean the world!

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