Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Chai bunny's new neighbor

Being housebound I don't go out. Really ever...except to doctor appointments or into my parents. Dad had found a turtle last week when mowing, & today came & told me that the turtle-we think a box turtle-was out running away from the weed eater. Mom suggested I throw bits of Chai bunny's leftover veggies to keep him safe in our fenced yard-but I was feeling ok & actually went out twice-in 107 degree heat index weather. I took a piece of carrot & found the turtle digging a pretty decent size hole to hibernate in, & when I gently lifted him out he/she hissed at me! Very Chai bunny-like behavior. Later I returned & walked right passed him without noticing. Fantastic coloring! He had eaten the tip off one side & came out & started walking. He isn't at all nervous around us to my delight...we are still trying to come up with a name-& me energy to search for him more often.


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