Sunday, September 16, 2012

Finding home

Today was one of the most painful, exhausting days yet was the day I felt most at home. I often have CFS (chronic fatigue syndrome) symptoms-extreme exhaustion-just walking 5 steps to the bathroom can leave me worn out. I slept on & off all night & day, & finally figured out that putting pillows under my arms helped the pain a little bit. Having extreme joint/elbow pain from rheumatoid arthritis, fibro, & oesteoporosis causes painsomnia. Even with the pain, tiredness, & fever-like feeling, I felt really at home today. For me, home has always been mental & not based on location-living in the Czech Republic I felt like I was home...& in the mountains of Brazil it seemed I belonged there. Deep down of course I knew that moving here would work out-I never have minded change, for that signified excitement & new experiences...but that was when I was moving around overseas, etc. Today even with boxes still packed & no pictures on the wall it didn't matter. Sleeping in my old bed, with 8 pillows arranged in order of relief, & a fridge full of Marnie safe food, & Chai bunny resting underneath my foot as if it was a bunny nestling above her head, mentally I felt ok with the world. Mom had sent over a jar of flowers-ones that had broken off an arrangement dad was taking to put on my brother's grave Sunday-& with wet hair from sticking my head out the door watching our turtle-who we named Pepper-walk around in the pouring rain, I took this picture to capture my happiness. To document the proof that I was ok. That even with tremendous pain I felt at peace. That my little purple house had become my home.


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  1. Hi! I love your little Chai bunny. What a great little companion! It's good to hear that despite your pain and exhaustion you are feeling more at home in your new space. It's so good that you have the love and understanding of your parents. Blessings to you, Valda