Friday, February 24, 2012

Words with really smart friends

I love any kind of word games, & have several on my iPad. Spell tower, Word Welder, etc. I am even halfway good at some of them...but Words With Friends, not so much. After getting up, goofing & sitting in my dr's office to deal with the shingles on my bum, blood test checks, & a thousand other hings with my 6 month check-up, dad saw that the waiting time would be hours & I was so uncomfortable that we rescheduled. Shingles be damned. Got home & was still awake when a friend started a game with me. I had gotten the game on sale months ago but hadn't really played, & had only played like twice if that. As an ex-English teacher & linguistics masters student, I feel a need to seem half competent, but I'm really not. I didn't even realize you could make 2 words on one play until my much smarter friend I'd it today. They must think 'her meds must be impeding her thought process' or if I play someone who doesn't know me think they are playing a 12 year old. Embarrassing? Yes. Beaten? Badly. Fun? Yes, & the sad little competitive me tries so hard & am on a child's level, & that's actually insulting to kids. I'll keep playing though, & maybe one day beat a 7 year old.




  1. You'll do better on the word games some day when you're not feeling bad. I'm amazed at how lucid you are anyway being on meds, lol! Hope you're over the Shingles soon.

  2. ;) they say that when you take meds for pain (& not just for fun so to speak) you don't get the high sensation after being on it for a bit...I know-people are shocked when they find I'm on morphine. Thanks, cos I feel really stupid & was told my tone is mean. Great to hear at 6 AM...