Sunday, February 26, 2012

Chai bunny, false mommy to be

Female rabbits can fairly often think that they are pregnant...& Chai bunny is no different. She has a nest built up in the closet-& when I say built up I mean it's a foot high, & she goes in the neck of a sweatshirt & the inside body is full of her own pulled out fur, newspapers, bags, phone book pages, hay, etc. She currently has Sugar, the left foot of my old bunny slippers, guarding the nest-face down in the fur lining of the entrance to said hutch. While Sloan & family were here Chai took Sugar & Spice (the right slipper) into the closet on guard duty. Spice is currently sitting with his face touching, not just under, Chai's water bottle tube. She managed to sneak an old washcloth halfway across the room on its way to the nest before I got it...she keeps my life interesting in more ways than I can begin to explain. Here are a few photo-manipulated shots of her begging for treats beside my bed & enjoying them like the little whiny grunty pig dog she is ;)




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