Thursday, October 6, 2011

Thanks Steve

I was deeply saddened to hear that a man I'd never met, but had been in my home & in my darkest hours with me, died yesterday. Only 55. The Apple products have saved me literally & figuratively more times than I can count. My iPod was my 1st product, & it kept the crazy madness of my main dr's waiting room tolerable. I could close my eyes & zone out everything & cry, bury into myself, & just ignore all the things that hurt as long as I needed to...

My iPod reflecting the glass light fixtures in the waiting room

Home recovering after spinal shots

My 1st meeting with my new nephew ;)

Being 'there' when my nephew was dear friend Dave sent me pics that I could blow up on the iPad & feel connected. Every night I gaze at the stars inside through my iPad & the Star Walk app, watch movies through it & Netflix, & use the apps to change my pictures into what I want to say for that day, then blog the pics as a day in the life thing. When morphine & tears don't help, having these magic machines allow me to see a concert, listen to music of hurt souls, & travel into space, & connect with the outside world through Skype. I'm so blessed to have these necessary distractions, & be motivated by a man who didn't graduate college but changed the face of technology.

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