Sunday, October 9, 2011


I'm back to the point of how can I live through this pain anymore? Hour after hour & the pain only gets worse

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  1. You'll cope, because you have to, cling to the hope that today is a bad day but tomorrow something a little nicer might happen.

    I definitly get days like that too :(

    Go watch the bunny do crazy stuff :)

  2. marnie, i am right there with you. alone, screaming out into the darkness of the internet, pleading that someone, somehow, can help me get through this pain. i don't know if you've been online, but friday did not go well. i have RSD now in that foot, so they can't fix the achilles tendon, and i'm never getting out of that wheelchair. people are trying to be helpful, saying be positive, don't give up hope, the doctors don't know, etc. but the doctors do know, and as positive as i try to be all the time, sometimes reality just comes and slaps you. i was just about to do better, and now i'm screwed. all preventable, of course he won't talk about anything although i begged him, so i will have to go into emergency housing. i have to call my counselor tuesday morning and get that ball rolling. i earned this house, and now that he doesn't need me he's being an ass. i am allergic to painkillers, and the pain in my leg is either at 11 or 1011, and i am tired of crying but that's all i can do. i love you, we need that cool lame chicks' home, like tomorrow. then we'd have each other, at least. i can't even go back to my mother's, where all my stuff is and that would make sense, but she hates me so that's not an option. she graciously reminded me of it today. thanks, mom. love you too. at least i have a few friends like you who understand. although there's no one like you ;)

  3. how hard that only the people with fibro can understand it and i love the blog ive had fibro 14 yrs now and 1 day i hope they find a cure i want my life back the person i was if any1 wants to chat my email is thanks lisa

  4. I am writing in response to your HELP post. I was once like you, with my fibro and chonic fatigue syndrome, bedridden and unable to function outside of the house; or inside for that matter. In constant and total pain 24/7 without any relief from medications. Too fatigued to climb the stairs to my bedroom.

    There is hope and help for you. I am living proof. My email is and my Web site is: I am a fibro/guai support group leader here in Michigan. I write and paint about living with and reaching beyond fibromyalgia and all of its afflictions. Do not give up! YOu can get better.

  5. Wow it's awful to know so many people in bits out there, but it's also nice to know I'm not alone, I don't have fibro but I have osteoarthritis in my neck and lower back and constant pain. I went to a yoga class last week and the pain relief from one back bend was amazing! Short lived only a few hours but wow! Meant I spent all of Thurs crying though freaking out that it's not getting better. I'm really tired of having to convince people it wont just go away.