Sunday, October 2, 2011

I hate the chronic

So, i've had shingles on the left side on & off since I was 17, & a few days ago I got it on my right side...which is not supposed to be common...but when did I ever do common?

Also, I have had really bad swelling from my ankle up to hip for about a month & it's getting worse. I get bone scan & check-up from my rheumatologist Tuesday, & we will get a diagnosis on if it is Lymphedema then. There isn't treatment, & I hate the heavy sensation...if I find one more chronic thing I'm going to shoot myself. Ugh

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  1. sweetheart! (((big soft hug))) it is SO maddening to live with all these chronic maladies. every time i get a new one, it's just like "okay, one more pain to assimilate into my being". shingles suck. i'm so sorry they are spreading! you're right, we don't do what's "common". i wish i could take it all away for you and make you well and happy again. just don't shoot yourself, because i need you, and it's ALL about MY needs ;) hang in there, love xx

  2. Oh I do feel for you. I am so so sorry that you are having such pain and problems with the chronic stuff. Reading your blog, which I found through fibro links, I can tell you are awesome. It is so difficult to just keep going on when you feel so crappy-I know this firsthand, too-but you do go on. Because you ARE strong; because you are determined. People say things happen for a reason, and for the life of me, I cannot fathom a reason for these chronic illnesses, but maybe someday we will discover that reason. Hold on, Hang in, and alone as you feel sometimes, you aren't. :)

  3. Oh dear Karsumi, I just saw your comment (naughty me I forgot to check it!) & I thank you so much for your fantastic words. I will go to your link above & try to get in touch! Xxxooo