Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mr. Carrots

When Zoe was a kitten, we got her a stuffed bunny, & I so wanted her to sleep with it, love it, make it her best friend. She had it a year & showed no interest in it at ALL. After I split up with my then partner, he stayed where he was & I took Zoe & moved in with my parents for a short time. Magically, Zoe then started worshipping her bunny, who we named Mr. Carrots, & would carry him around, sleep with him, have private one-on-one time with him, & we took him overseas with us when we moved to Indonesia, & then to the Czech Republic. Until the day she died she loved Mr. Carrots, & I now keep him up with a music box sunshine I had & loved as a baby. I can still barely look at him, as I still can't face that Zoe is gone. Her birthday is today...she would have been 16. It's been 8 months & 24 days since she died, & this is the first time I've even been able to write about her so far. Well, it's a start. Happy birthday Zoe.

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