Sunday, August 14, 2011

Long, long, long, long day

Under the pictures are the captions

Let's try 'calm' thanks to beloved Brenda

Some Smashing Pumpkins on my Rdio app. Love that app.

Loving anything orange, the 'wild sweet orange' gave me hope. This is tea...

Watching True Blood & thinking 'huh, there is a pain this bad I'm feeling'

Minus a loved one to help me through it ;(

Cooling off my tea-Zen flavor :)

Upstairs sobbing for a nap with sweet Chai bunny

Brenda loaned me a book I'm loving!

Ryan Adams's heartbreaker cd with my bevy of teas

Had to let a friend go. Deep grief.

Deeper grief

Dark, gut wrenching grief


Mazzy Star, Elliott Smith, Frightened Rabbit music therapy

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