Friday, August 12, 2011

Long dr day Wednesday

When your primary care saint angel so sweetly & gently tells you that due to high tri-glyserides/etc from DNA genetics jumped up some...well long story short, this former severally anorexic girl needs to lose weight. For the above, for the meds & steroids that cause swelling swollen puffy-gain...well, it leaves this girl sad. Parents off 3 states away to see for the 2nd time 3 month old baby Charlie, who I haven't met yet, & yesterday & today waking up with an incredibly painful 'sty'??? Given the porphine I take doesn't dull the pain, well, ouch. Ouch for so many things I can't talk about here. My former best friend/partner in crime's birthday this weekend. Etc etc etc. Ick.

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