Sunday, August 21, 2011

Legend of my fall

I'm very clumsy-many people with fibromyalgia tend to have sketchy balance, run into things like door frames even though it looks like they are centered correctly, & fall pretty often. In 5 days I've fallen 3 times. The 1st 2 were pretty standard, but this morning I fell & it was as if my body was paralyzed. Normally your arms/hands reach out, as reflexes should, to instinctively protect yourself, but I fell as if I was planking. I landed like a cartoon character directly on my face, right in Chai bunny's food pellets. She bolted over, started licking me & gently tugging on my shirt & slippers to try & get me up. She's used to me falling, but I think even she sensed it was different. My right shoulder somehow landed next, on a heavy glass mug I use to dip out her food, followed by my knee & foot. My neck & arm are so sore, & I even have hip/bum bruises to show & tell! My neurology appointment is Monday, & I'll be having another brain & back MRI to check again for MS, etc. Cannot type anymore, so here are the pics.

Bum/hip bruises

The imprint of my face

Landing strip mug ;)

Chai bunny had her bunny Poppy (later on) on top of her fav magazine to eat, with a pair of my panties she dragged off a clean clothes pile & the t-shirt I was wearing that was covered in her food pellets. She is divinely sweet!

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  1. love chai bunny, funny bunny! hate you falling :( hope your neuro can sort it out. they have to rule out MS lesions, etc, believe me i know, but it is no fun. it can just be the fibro messing with you in a new way. girl, if you're going to fall flat on your face, at least have the decency to be drunk!!!