Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Hearts, 3 bows, kitty cat, & tootsie rolls

After a really tough pain night & morning, mom had dad bring home a few gifts for me...I got downstairs & there were bow topped yummy things! A ziploc full of pretzels (I've been addicted lately), a giant bag of the delicious tootsie rolls I love, the new red velvet cake ice cream, & even some light beer for me to drink as part of my indoor 4th of July, since they will be gone that weekend.

After I started getting sick years ago, I would notice heart shaped things, & I've never been one to love that shape. When I took out the cord for my computer, I later noticed this...

Macy-the parents cat was even so excited to see today was pretty great, especially after the 12 hours previous. Thanks mom & dad! Xxx

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