Monday, June 13, 2011

Fighting for peanuts

Being a vegetarian, I often will just know that I'm low on protein, so if I don't want to eat yet I'll just grab a handful of's favorite snack. Today after dad came home I had my very own jar o'nuts with a big, red 'M' on the cap.

Mom has a way of marking food we share, which, while driving me nuts later makes me happy when I can bargain with dad if he has something I want : )

Since Zoe died, the parents cat Macy now loves to get right next to me when I'm downstairs in their room, watching TV. Never a substitute for Zoe of course, but having a cat curl up next to me & purr does give me a bittersweet smile. Her Macy is just a few hours ago, as close to my leg as she could get.

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