Monday, June 6, 2011

D+ Day

Today if I had been graded, on how I felt, what I accomplished, & what I didn't, a D+ would have been generous.
After working for an hour this morning, for what seemed like the 17th time, I failed to figure out how to hook up my mom's printer...again.
I didn't manage to return a phone call to a friend.
Still haven't hooked up 'skype' to meet my nephew, & he is almost a month old.
Could barely get out of bed at 8 PM.
Was back in bed at 11 PM.

My pain was really bad today, but at least yesterday was ok.
Managed to clean out Chai bunny's litter box, much to her bouncing excitement : )
Dad got home safely from his 50th high school reunion in Atlanta.
I posted this, so I get the '+' on that D.

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