Tuesday, July 31, 2012


We have now been in our new home for 15 days-my little apt out back has a ways to go, so I have been living in the house until things settle down. Chai bunny seems to be better after coming very close to death several times-right now that subject is too painful to think about. Leaving my beloved cat Zoe & dear rabbit Amsterdam buried in the backyard of the old house was too much to bear. After physically moving things that last morning for fear of my parents having heart attacks/strokes, my body is still in a major flare. We had to get my last prescription of pain meds in Alabama before we left-& ended up having to go to 2 pharmacies to find them as our usual drugstore was out. The 3 of us & my bunny & their cat rode smushed up in the front seat while we towed our car behind. I would have driven as in past times but with meds & physical condition that wasn't an option. Halfway through the trip-after food orders got mixed up & other typical problems happened-the uhaul broke down. An amazing lady dressed in her nice work clothes stopped & helped us for at least an hour while we waited on help. We ended up spending the night-sneaking pets into the hotel as it was the only hotel around & too hot to leave them in the truck...& that next morning is when Chai bunny became a rag doll, totally opposite her normal feisty demeanor. We finally got here after tears, sweat, prayers, fears, you name it Monday the 16th. I've kept a round the clock Chai bunny watching vigil, while my brother dearly had people here that next morning to unload & take the truck back. We didn't have cable, phones, Internet, etc for over ten days, but we were safe...not sound, but safe. Mom found a dr that just might work for me-neurologist who seems a lot like my old dear Dr. T, but I can't see him for about a month, so we will have to find out if & where I could get meds as I'll be without them for a week or so, & going off meds like that cold turkey is extremely dangerous. The weather here is so much hotter, & mom constantly worries about dad & heat stroke as he can't sit still & wants to get things liveable. Our refrigerator broke last week...we have had loads of these things happen & I worry mom will have a major breakdown as all our nerves are raw & bleeding. Sorry to paint such a bleak picture, but if you know me you know that I have to be honest. This is my therapy-coping-my way to vent. I wanted to catch everyone up & thank you so much for the many messages I've gotten letting me know I'm not alone. More very soon-xxxooo from us

Taken the morning of he move-sitting on the floor trying to get magical strength

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  1. sweet marnie, sending you all the magical strength i can muster! this is pure hell you are going through, and we really do want to know how you and your family and the bunzo baby are doing, so i'm glad you were able to post again. super fluffy hugs and as always, you are here in my thoughts <3