Wednesday, July 4, 2012

My independence days

When you become a professional sick person, you give up loads of things you wouldn't have ever thought an issue. Holding open a book. Needing fresh sheets but not wanting to bother your caregivers. Not being able to cook. Not being able to pick up your nephew.

I recently watched the movie Drive through Netflix streaming. It woke something up inside that I have missed so much. From the moment I could drive the car & endless roads out by our local lake became my refuge. I'd go & sit in my special scenic spots with my now forbidden diet cokes & listen to music, write, take pics, etc. Driving was freedom. I spent hours upon hours driving & finding meanings to life ;)

Watching that movie that excitement of the journey hit me hard. The title song Nightcall would be a perfect example of a song I'd listen to nonstop if I could. The dark, French electro-pop with shadows would last me miles around the beautiful huge lake I spent so much time around. I miss that independence-that lake-that magical marriage of the perfect music & the perfect drive.

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