Monday, July 9, 2012

My bed is an island

As I am most comfortable in bed-but not reclining-rather sitting with my legs pulled under me with my back not not touching anything, I plan in my new apt behind the house to be as me-centric as possible. To plan it based on my needs rather than just how it looks, which is a strange mind shift. I'll have a small sofa for family & guests but my new (old) bed will be my comfy universe when we move in a few days...I'm mentally planning ahead so I can make life easier. Dad finished painting my room today, with Chai bunny propping up on the first step-dad's fallen in love. As the walls dry, my bed is in the middle of the room, tv on the floor, & every piece of furniture in the center. Chai bunny loves figuring out where to jump up in bed with me-& is dashing around the room like the busy Binky bouncy bunny she is-& I try to keep my eyes open & plan on how to not bite down so hard in my sleep I wake up with TMJ migraines like today.



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