Thursday, December 15, 2011

the advantages of a bent-over pain posture

after my spinal shots at my neuro on tuesday, dad went out to drive the car around as we had parked at the end of the lot and i was not able to walk the length (which isn't long at all for most-but for me after shots-no way no how) back. i had been crying in the waiting room. the pain of the drive over and sitting in the chairs finally got to me-and after hearing Sarah Jarowz's cover of Radiohead's 'The Tourist', i lost it-i always find it interesting to see which song i lose it to if i do-last time it was Adele-Lovesong cover (the Cure). by the time i got back and was on the table waiting for him to come in, my left sciatic nerve and back where it stems from on the left side was so bad i wasn't crying-i was wailing like an animal. When Dr. T walked in he used the entire shot on just that area, instead of halfing it between two places. he then didn't even ask-just sent me straight in to get a pain shot. thank god above!

back to where i started-i was sitting on this ottoman/coffee table soft cushioned cube with a few christmas decorations that still were waiting to be put up-and i was hunched over in my pain. i noticed a gorgeous gold ornament had fallen off the tree in the back, by the corner window, and only from that hunched position could i see it-it was reflecting back the tree lights and was gorgeous. i picked up the cell camera and took a few shots, and for a small while was ok with the pain for the gorgeous ornament i identified with. apart from the tree and my real life, but able to reflect back something, somehow. 

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