Friday, September 23, 2011

Space cadet

I started loving anything & everything space related while watching Star Trek age like 4-5. I am obsessed with sic-fi, space travel, NASA, etc. I recently got a book/app called Man in Space, an interactive book with videos, 360 degree crafts, etc. I have the space image a day calendar that pops up a new picture or video every night right before midnight, & there is a brand new app/book called Journey to the Exoplanets that has you in a flight type simulator & you actually fly & land & learn about planets, stars, etc. It's $9.99 so I can't get it yet ;(

My picture for today is this gorgeous shot of the Paelades galaxy/spiral, & it makes me want to go & just float around, getting lost & being weightless. I may have another disease (2 actually) & now more than ever I just want to be weightless & fly away, swimming past The Milky Way & apologizing to Pluto for people doubting it's planetary status. I can identify...I was one person for so long & now I'm a totally different being altogether. Just call me Pluto :)

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