Saturday, September 24, 2011

Jingle bunny

One day last year, I kept noticing that Chai bunny kept standing up over around the far side of this little table up against the window. She sits with her stuffed toys under it & sleeps, rules her kingdom, & licks her furry friends. The table has a ton of stuff on it & I couldn't see what she was working on-she always has little projects like me, but she actually finishes hers. Showoff. She had been standing up with her little front paws either hanging down so cutely or propped on the edge. I finally went over & she was pulling & chewing on a cord attaching a stuffed hedgehog with a bell inside it to a stick-a cat toy that I had gotten for the late Zoe cat, but she hated the bell. She was a cat who startled easily.

Chai bunny finally got the hedgehog down & as she started to lick it (a bunny's way of showing affection) & this little muted bell started to jingle, thus the name...Jingle the hedgehog. She worked for at least an hour on that little mission & she keeps Jingle right beside a very furry white Christmas themed polar bear named Peppermint. I name them as it's just easier when having a conversation about them all. ;)

Tonight, I heard that little bell ringing softly for at least 30 minutes, meaning Jingle's fur will be stiff with bunny love. I finally went over to get some pictures & 3 things happened. She starts licking Peppermint, you know, to reassure him. Then she stands up, backs up a bit & starts whining & grunting & growling. :) The last was the best & expected...she charged me, running with her head down like a dolphin, then when she reached me she stopped short & made a soft whine before commencing licking. The pictures below are like a flip book of bunny love, loyalty, & dramatic protection.

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Location:Under a table in my room

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