Sunday, September 25, 2011

Falling object

So today I fell off the bed from a sitting position. I hit the bedside table, then a bunch of medicine bottles, a bag of recycling, spool of CDs, the trash can, & almost Chai bunny. I immediately had a mushroom shaped bruise come up on my arm & scraped skin off my knee & leg. After I got back up in bed & cleaned up & recovered, Chai bunny got up in bed to check on me. Such a sweet bunny!

Mushroom bruise-from two medicine bottles I landed on...

A tiny heart shaped freckle under the bruise :)

Chai bunny in bed

& jumping off (love her giant back feet!)

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Location:Bed & floor

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  1. sorry sweetheart! fb is so messed up. i have to get down to the computer tomorrow and fix my feeds. i am missing so many posts. i haven't seen your blog go by in a few days. i thought you were just recovering. this is messed up, girl! any answers or at least good guesses yet as to why? be careful, honey!!