Friday, October 19, 2012

Windy days out

Today was a good day. After listening to the wind all night, I went to the door & it was so gorgeous that I went & sat on the porch for about an hour. Mom & dad were out so I shared the porch with their cat Macy. She lets me hold her upside down like a baby, & we sat & watched the trees shake through the sky. Our neighborhood has really beautiful trees-& with the 20 mph winds the sound of the different leaves moving is hypnotic. In the backyard there's an archway with a bench & I discovered a nest which thrilled me. The arch leans like the St. Louis arch too heavy on the left side. Underneath there are big stones with butterflies, bumble bees, & dragonflies in slate blue-grey. Just being out & taking pictures was so therapeutic.

I love the textures of the branch on the right side.

The nest from the outside...

& inside.

A butterfly stone.

The leaning arch...

& the pretty wrapped, climbing vines

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